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Is it through learning of our own mistakes that prepares us for life? So maybe university or being mollycoddled in life is not enough?

It is not so much about being successful but about surviving the big world out there. 

I remember my son calling me the first day at his job, ” Mum, I don’t like the way the people are talking to me, I can’t do this”   and I said “Son, this is the world,  I  know it is not going to be easy, you just have to learn how to handle different situations and different people and you may come across this kind of thing every day – or some days are better than others – but there are good people out there”

I will always be there for him. What do you think ? I know nothing compares to life skills – this is how we learn . It does not mean people have to treat us badly, does it mean  we learn how to handle  life better as we get more street wise?





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