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I have to admit I am one of those creatures of habits..

I know it must seem crazy, but I realised I don’t like changing that routine , and not sure if it is part of my OCD??


I still like to sit on my same spot on the bus, I like to use the same path route to work – otherwise I feel like my day will go differently! 

My partner will not blink an eye but I like to check everything is switched off before I go to bed – even if I have to do this three times !

Yes, when I have finished a shift at the hospital I love getting home and straight into pjs  or jogging bottoms  – I do not know if this is more of a female thing but he does not get it and asks ‘why not make more of an effort?’ my answer? ‘because I want to feel comfortable – I don’t want to dress up when I get home as if I am going to the theatre’ I wrong?

What do you think?😊

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