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I can truly lose my myself in the world of reading.

If you ask me what types of books I like? To be honest, if the first few pages catches hold of me  – that’s me caught in the magic.

As much as it is nice to watch and enjoy a nice movie with someone – it is just as charming and captivating being in your own world with your book. I actually bring to life the characters in my head, the colours – everything.

When my mum used to send me off to bed at nine o’clock, I used to sneak my book out and read in the small nightlight till late at night ( not good for my eyes!) – but I felt like I was in another world.

I tried using Kindle but I still prefer picking up a book , I guess I am old fashioned , always will be. 

Out of all the technology we have  , I would still prefer to read a  book.








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