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In this ever changing world, with so many complex problems – how can we ensure that the next generation are inspired?

With the cost of living, the university debts and also inflation gone up – how can they afford a start? if we step in to that vicious cycle – it may carry on through the next generation.

I am not worried about what they want to be in life , or if they want to join a group, protest or make a statement – but where do they go from there? Will there be that light at the end of the tunnel for them? ( mental health is rearing it’s head too often now for all ages).

I like to see kids doing well; let them enjoy music and life and technology and travelling and be proud of their achievements = but why make it so difficult?

I know all generations have had their fair share of worries eg 80’s,90’s etc  – but I would like to think that one day a future race will find a solution .

But whilst money , power and  authority  (to name a few ) are influencing  everyday life – can we find a way out?


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